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The use of the best technologies that are used in the world dental practice and the experience of our doctors will help to preserve and maintain the health of your teeth — even in the case of complex dental problems.

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Dental therapy is a field of dentistry, the main specificity of which is the prevention and subsequent treatment of caries and all associated complications of this disease.


Periodontology is the prevention and treatment of the tissues around the teeth in the oral cavity (gums, bone). During the periodontological examination, the state of the tissues is assessed in a comprehensive manner: the condition of the periodontium is assessed, the «pockets» of the gums and bones are measured, X-rays are taken and discussed. The doctor determines the factors that could influence the formation of the disease and prescribes the appropriate treatment.


Surgical dentistry deals with the extraction of teeth, operations related to the human dental-jaw system, the installation of implants and much more.


Dental constructions inserted instead of lost teeth, partially or completely replacing the dentition.


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of defects in the development of teeth and maxillofacial skeleton. With the help of special orthodontic constructions, the position of the teeth in the dentition changes, while the work of the facial muscles and the development of the jawbone are normalized. These structures apply moderate pressure to the teeth and jaw. The complexity of your case will determine the most effective course of orthodontic treatment.

X-ray diagnostics

Recognition of injuries and diseases of the maxillofacial region using X-ray examination or X-ray.

Other services

Teeth whitening, dental implantation, prophylaxis, etc.

About Us

«11th Dental Clinic» is known to many Minsk residents!

The excellent location of the clinic in the center of Minsk, next to Bangalore Square, convenient transport links, highly qualified doctors, an individual approach to each patient and a cozy atmosphere are integral parts of the successful work of our clinic.

We apply the best achievements of modern dentistry for safe and effective dental treatment with care for the health and beautiful smile of our patients.

And more recently, we have modernized our X-ray room and equipped it with a modern dental visiography apparatus! Also for you services of panoramic and dental photography with handing out the results on paper or on CD.

We can record pictures on a CD-disk or send them directly to you by e-mail.

And all this — at state prices and without queues!



Minsk, st. Nekrasova, 35, building 2

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